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Area Attractions

Explore the area

Must See Attractions

Kiara Lodge is surrounded by a fantastic selection of attractions.

The resort offers many activities to keep the entire family entertained, but there are still plenty of nearby attractions to explore during your stay.

Some of which include Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Clarens shopping and eatery district, Ash River White Water Rafting, Dinosaur Tours, Clarens Brewery and Basotho Cultural Village to name but a few.

Not to be missed

Our Top Suggestions

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

8 min drive

Tucked away in the undulating foothills of the Maluti Mountains of the north-eastern Free State sits the stunningly beautiful Golden Gate Highlands National Park, 18 km from Clarens. Spanning 11,600 hectares of unprecedented terrain, the park is a natural refuge for breathtaking creatures like black wildebeest, eland, blesbok, oribi, springbok and Burchell's zebra - and birds, such as the rare bearded vulture (lammergeier) and the equally rare bald ibis, which nest amongst the sandstone cliffs.

Clarens shopping and eatery district

14 min drive

Visit Clarens, an idyllic little village at the foot of majestic Mount Horeb - one of the most beloved holiday towns in the jubilant eastern Free State! Its picturesque location brings out the best of South Africa and has become a much sought-after weekend retreat for the most artistic and laid-back vacationers - offering just the right amount of entertainment to keep you entertained!

Clarens Dinosaur Tours

14 min drive

Dive into the incredible history of life before us with the Clarens Dinosaur Tours! You will be taken to some captivating sites featuring fossils from the region, as well as receive an informative lecture about the geology. Afterwards, get ready to explore a historic river/lake bed where you can marvel in the amazing footprints created by different species of dinosaurs and mammal-like reptiles. No matter what age, these Dinosaur Tours are sure to be a unique and exciting experience!

Clarens Golf Course

11 min drive

This course is heralded as the jewel of the Free State golfing fraternity, and it lives up to its name! Exquisite scenes of river crossings, leaping trout, cascading waterfalls, and lush green grass beckon from the shadow of the Mt Horeb mountain range. Golf Data have truly crafted a par 71 work of art - a course that is both challenging and rewarding at all skill levels!

Basotho Cultural Village

30 min drive

Experience a trip of a lifetime at the Basotho Cultural Village, situated at the base of towering sandstone mountains! It's a great way to gain insight into the rich culture of the South Sotho people, from the 16th century to modern day. In addition to art exhibitions, you can enjoy vibrant live performances at the sandstone amphitheater. Don't forget to visit the curio shop for traditional clay pots, basketware, and other handmade items to take a piece of Basotho home with you!

Bergwoning 4X4 Trails

10 min drive

Rev up your 4x4 through this Grade 3 trail! It's 6km of excitement and adventure that will take around 2 hours to complete and can be enjoyed all year-round. As conditions change through the seasons, the route presents different obstacles and thrilling rocky sections, guaranteeing an absorbing experience for drivers of all levels.

Clarens Brewery

15 min drive

Inspired by adventure, fun, and passion, the Clarens Brewery was founded on the idea of crafting unique craft beers and ciders! The team are experts in all things beer- and cider-related, and are always looking for innovative ways to create new flavors.

Highland Coffee Roastery

12 min drive

Experience the finest coffee around! 100% Arabica beans, delicately roasted fresh on-site at The Millery since 2009 - where Chris was trained by Aharon Baruch of the renowned Baruch's Roastery in Mossel Bay. Come relax with an incredible view of Mt Horeb, and enjoy a cup of Highland coffee blends, brewed to perfection by their skillful baristas.

Di Bus Stop

2 min drive

Take a break at Di Bus Stop! Enjoy delicious food and an amazing cup of coffee - perfect for recharging after a long journey through Clarens!

Ash River White Water Rafting

12 min drive

The majestic Ash river located near Clarens in the eastern Free State is blessed with an abundance of crystal clear water, thanks to the Trans Caledon Transfer Tunnel, an impressive network that transports water from the vast Katze dam within the majestic Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. As the water makes its way down the river it eventually culminates in the renowned Vaal dam.

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